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If you are a larger organization, operating through several locations, it is becoming normal for customers to require sight of tested business continuity plans. You should also expect to face pressure from insurers to provide evidence of BCP against recognised standards, such as ISO 22301.

The Inoni Essentials™ platform offers a comprehensive automated solution, capable of supporting multi site businesses and a range of response strategies for different risk situations. The toolset is fully aligned with best practice and related standards and delivers BCM as an end to end programme with the following key stages:

Baseline documentation of Essentials™

Business Impact Analysis (BIA). c. 25 page
analysis of stakeholders, tolerances, dependencies. Used to set recovery deadlines strategies and BCP
Continuity Risk Assessment (CRA). c. 20 page horizon scan for continuity threats, analysis, risk register and scenarios. Used to drive and inform incident response, strategies and BCP
Business Continuity Plan (BCP). c. 50 page web accessible composite document delivered as html, PDF, Word and accessible by phone. Components include emergency response, crisis management, business recovery, directories. Used to educate, formalize, testBusiness Continuity Management System (BCM Framework ). c. 25 page document containing statements of alignment with ISO best practice and all business as usual management information, such as event logs, peacetime roles and organization.

Your riskChallenge consultant will support you in developing a dedicated online BCMS using the Inoni platform, uilding organizational resilience that allows you to effectively respond to incidents and acceptably restore your business.

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