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continuity management

Business Continuity Management (BCM) is a key risk mitigation strategy for business interruption and supply chain disruption incidents.

It is applicable and highly effective for large organizations and offers exceptional value for smaller enterprises.

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Small enterprises

Few SMEs have dedicated BCM expertise in
house, and yet to satisfy customers, the result
must pass audit and be demonstrably effective.

Get to know our approach and automation
solutions from Inoni

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Mid-large enterprises

If you are a larger organization, operating through several locations, it is becoming normal for customers to require sight of tested business continuity plans.

You should also expect to face pressure from insurers to provide evidence of BCP against recognised standards, such as ISO 22301

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Other solutions

Once you have written your Business Continuity Plan (BCP), it’s time to implement it and build organizational resilience to disruptions. One of the elements of building resilience are regular exercises, periodic reviews or adjusting insurance cover ensuring coverage of losses or supporting specific strategies of business continuity and recovery.

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About us

riskChallenge provides consultancy services in the field of business continuity management, insurance strategies relying on experts with many years of experience in specific risk areas. The riskChallenge experience includes the implementation of projects in the following industries: Power, Petrochemicals, Steel, New Technologies, Telecommunications, Media, Finances and Insurance, Food and Beverage, General manufacturing, Transport and logistics, Pharmaceutical , Healthcare, other…

If you have any questions contact us by emailing jslobosz@riskChallenge.pl, phone +48 603 330 801 or using contact form.

Inoni has delivered excellence in business continuity consultancy since 2005, with key individuals holding many years of risk industry experience prior to that. Our customers range from small firms to blue chip multinationals including local and national government, the finance and insurance sectors, telecommunications, the health service, policing, councils, airlines, manufacturing, retail, online gambling, call centre outsourcing and many others.

We are well placed to share our impressive breadth of knowledge with each new customer, transferring in necessary skills so each benefits confidentially from all we know. We are passionate about what we do and we care deeply for every client. Our success is not accomplished alone and only by working together, can we make resilience truly accessible, affordable and worthwhile. Most of all, we are committed to protecting our clients’ businesses, delivering great results through cost effective solutions. hh


Our methodology offers a better, more practical way of doing business continuity, aligned with recognised best practice (ISO 22301) and delivering quality assured outcomes. It is based on:

  • Pre information collection
  • Interwiews & workshops
  • Preparation of good first draft documents (GFD)
  • Delivery and initial feedback
  • Walkthrough
  • Maintenance and updates

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